Our wedding photographer was PHENOMENAL….

I cannot say enough about how well they worked as a team and how they all made certain every detail was taken care of. They used their experience and expertise to make certain we got the perfect photos and videos of our wedding (including awesome scenes we didn't even know we would want). We were blown away at how Ryan and his team made sure all our photos were perfectly edited and somehow managed to even make my wife and I look natural and comfortable in each shot. Ryan was SPECTACULAR at getting everyone comfortable and in position, not just snapping the photo and moving to the next "scene" but checking with us on the picture vs. our expectations and TIRELESSLY making certain we got every wedding photo with every family combination we could. Nature wasn't participating but Ryan and his team were ready for everything it could throw at us. If you have a one-time event and you want to make certain you get a photographer and crew that will do everything in their power to make sure it is memorialized perfectly, call Ryan and his team.

Personally: Thank you SO fricking much for all you did, I LOVE our photos, editing, and following up with us to make certain our special day went flawlessly (well at least the photos and videos). You guys ROCK and thanks again Ryan!

— Johnathan

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“Takes great care to get to know you.”

Working with Ryan was a lot of fun and I couldn't be happier with the photos. Ryan's got a great eye, gets creative with the surroundings, and gives great cues to get the perfect shot. He kept my boyfriend and I excited and kept our energy up the whole time on a frigid day. He's also very personable and takes great care to get to know you and your personality before the shoot so he can get the creative juices flowing. I'd highly recommend Hadophoto to anyone looking for great pictures and a great experience!

- Tracy M

“We were working with a friend.”

Ryan was an excellent photographer who really took the time to get to know us. Within an hour we knew we were working with a friend (a very talented friend) and that we could trust him entirely. From start to finish he made the experience personal and fun, and worked to give us exactly what we wanted and needed. His photos came out beautifully and reflected his care and attention to detail - we couldn't be happier! My only wish is that we had more time, but I guess 8 hours had to be enough! We are so grateful and would recommend Ryan over and over.

— Emma M

“ I was gasping at how amazing they are. “

Ryan is an amazing photographer who really knows how to get perfect angles. As someone who is super picky about her pictures, I can genuinely say that I loved every photo Ryan took of my fiancé and I. His ideas lead to stunning moments that were captured in his photographs. Not only is he a great photographer, but also an amazing person to work with. He was extremely funny, family friendly and always looking to get us great photographs at any moment. He is really fun to work with and his photos had my family and I gasping at how amazing they are. He really was amazing and I can't recommend him enough.

— Samantha B.

“I was actually enjoying the process!”

I highly recommend Ryan Hicks as a photographer. I am 33 years old and have never truly liked any photo ever taken of me whether by a professional or amateur. I was at a party where Ryan was hired as the photographer. I just recently graduated from law school and was disappointed with the photos taken by two professional photographers at two separate times. Ryan decided to take a few photos of me. He made several position and pose suggestions. I felt so comfortable under his direction that I was actually enjoying the process! I could tell that he truly cares about the person he is photographing and the story he is telling through the pictures. When I saw the final product, I was astonished. For the first time in my life, there is not one aspect of the photo that was disagreeable!!! My family was even surprised at the quality of the photographs. The other photographs taking during the party were equal in quality both aesthetically and substantive. He captured many treasured moments between family members that we will be able to cherish now for a lifetime. The photographs project beauty and the best moments and emotions of a conversation or activity. The story of our party was perfectly captured in his photos. Well done.  

— Linds S. 


Reputation. Credibility. Experience. Availability. Professionalism. We Looked at 57 Portrait Photographers serving the area and Picked the Top 10.



“Outstanding professionalism.”

Ryan took some exceptional shots for my intimate wedding celebration. He was a pleasure to work with and had outstanding professionalism.

There was a very quick turnaround with all of the photos and they all look stunning. Cannot recommend him enough!

— Arn H.

“Beautiful and powerful images.”

Ryan is not only an excellent photographer, but he is extremely personable in addition to professional. He possesses a keen knack for composing both beautiful and powerful images. Book him for your next photography session!

— Marisa V. E. 

“Emotion in every shot.”

During the shoot, Ryan is pleasant, funny, and has great attention to detail, so you know he's fully committing himself to his time with his subjects. He is very willing to explain, if the client is curious, how his equipment works and how he makes decisions concerning light sources, reflections, and angles or anything else related to photography. I always learn something when I shoot with him. The most remarkable part about working with Ryan comes when he is developing and editing the pictures because he searches for and is able to iterate the emotion in every shot and why it moves him. As a huge plus, his edits are professional, clean and quick, compared to many other photographers. Ryan is my go-to photographer whenever I am looking to shoot!

— Mary C.