A little bit of everything

Similar to weddings, events are the 'photographer's triathlon', requiring in-the-moment coverage, both candid and posed portrait work, as well as still life such as products, interior design, architecture and landscape. As the services my website demonstrates, my 12 years of experience ranges all of these categories. Whether your event is a small scenario you want exactly captured or a series of days to be documented, you will be putting your trust into very qualified hands. 


A customized, unique service

My event coverage follows a series of 'stages' throughout the night. I provide in the moment coverage of all scheduled happenings and requests, such as introductions, surprises, unveilings, speeches and unique scenarios. I set some time aside for group shots, either 'table-to-table' or an announced portrait meeting space for families and friends to have photos taken. I rove throughout common areas to photograph both details and sudden happenings. I also provide a unique candid portrait, where I take time to photograph as many people as possible in a natural way as they are laughing, at ease, or plain enjoying themselves. Finally, given the opportunity, I will uniquely light a section of the event with my studio lighting, giving a dramatic or thematic quality to the happenings. This sort of lighting, for instance, can turn a simple rented space into a specialized dance hall, or a kids birthday party into a neon, multi-colored club. 



My promise to you:

  • 50-100 images per hour, ALL professionally developed and retouched.

  • Coverage that captures every facet of your event.

  • Lifetime preservation of your images.

  • 1 year of cloud hosting to share with friends, family and social media.

~Starting at 150/hr~