Beautiful portraiture lies in a fearless empathy for who we are

This is about the adventure of our lives, the interests we share, and the wild love that weaves it all together. Whether in person or on the phone, let's take the time to discuss the little things that make a difference. We'll bring that familiarity into a session customized to your story. 


A balance of voice

What happens when that quiet, serene pose disintegrates into snorts of laughter? Instead of trying to fill a roll of film, I divide my sessions into ideas to photograph, keeping the pace fresh with an ear to the ground. You will have plenty of photos after your session, giving us the space to create what makes your love special while finding time for the simple things.


The past and future of your family's story

Our old family traditions, albums, scrapbooks, diaries and spoken stories are treasures that we are given to add upon. I blend both film and digital technology to develop and colorize your images within the context of photography's journey. Sharp, clear and made for print, your pictures will fit easily beside the portraits and memories of the past. 


My promise to you:

  • 20 digital images professionally developed and retouched. 

  • 1 year of cloud hosting to share with friends, family and social media.

  • Pre-consultation in-person or on the phone.

  • Answers to your questions about film, digital imagery, prints, and the preservation of your investment.