Pricing and a special offer


Hey everyone, I hope your 2017 is going great so far!

I wanted to post an important update that is about to happen here at Hado Photo. Pricing is going to change, and in general, go up a bit. The new pricing model is designed to be clean, clear in its value and works solidly with the amount of time different customers need out of a photography session. These changes will take effect on February 1st; any sessions booked before then will be honored with my current prices. 

To put it simply: we'll be moving toward a solid 100.00 per 45 minutes session standard, with additional 45 minutes coming with costume changes, location changes, and half-off videos of the shoot.

That said, there are of course customers that do not need more than a few shots with their family, significant others or a solid portrait or headshot. With that in mind, we also offer 50.00 per 15 minute shoots available for those who do not desire a session and only want to focus on 1-3 pictures. 

All photography sessions will require 50% of the price as an initial payment. This payment is contractually non-refundable if you are unable to make the session. Instead, you will be given the option of selecting one future date to book in place. If I am unable to make the session, you will be given the choice of your money back or re-booking with me and having your shoot without any further payment (effectively 50% off). 

A contract must be signed on the day of the shoot. My contracts reiterate everything about the session and photography performed. The contract protects both of us from selling these photos to an organization without us coming to a future agreement. My service as your photographer will be to provide you, your family and loved ones with personal photographs without the worry that anyone will try to sell off of your likeness. However, I do reserve the right to use pictures of our session as a way to advertise myself as a photographer, either on my website, Facebook or Instagram page. That said, I will of course ask if you mind!

There will also be additional travel expenses for clients that want locations beyond 5 a five-mile radius. The charge will be 2.00 per mile after the first 5 miles, as based off of google maps directions and adjusting for the shortest-distance route. This radius will safely cover all shoot locations in Alexandria and Arlington. 

Photography sessions inside of Washington DC within the National Park's jurisdiction require an additional 100.00 fee and advanced scheduling of one month. The additional expense must be provided alongside the initial payment, as it will be used to pay for special permits that the government requires.  

These basic packages are designed and priced for the amount of time, preparation and execution required. I stand behind the quality of my photographs, and put a lot of thought into these pricing changes.

Our first deal will soon be going live...


Starting in February with the price changes will be a reference-reward deal for previous clients. So long as I have worked with you before, if you successfully refer someone to me (if a session is booked), then you receive 20% off of your next session. Referring multiple people only ads up to 50% off per session (ie if you refer three people, you will have half off your next session, and 10% off of one in the future). 

Website launch and holiday mini-sessions!

Hey everyone! Ryan here--we've finally launched our website! Not much to look at right now, but there's plenty to come. We're going to be starting a blog about all things photography! 

Most importantly, we're starting to wrap up family and portrait photo sessions before holiday travels. To help get as many people in front of the camera, we're setting aside 3 hours next Saturday (the 10th). From 10am to 1pm, we'll be shooting in the historical Parkfairfax community in Alexandria.

These are miniature sessions that last 15 minutes for 30.00, perfect for a quick, last chance to have something for your family, friends, or on your Christmas cards! Match with your partner, dress up your pets, or bring ugly swearers! 

We have two locations within a half mile of each other that we'll be shooting at: a giant spruce tree with benches, and a gazebo with a nearby stone staircase that faces the morning sun. If you're interested, just drop us a line on the contact page and mention you want information on the mini-sessions. 

Also, thank you so much for visiting the new website! Meredith and I are thrilled with how quickly we're growing this whole photography thing!